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Welcome to Vellity

Vellity connects you with on-demand delivery & same-day courier services within London’s M25 zone. With leading-edge tech,

Vellity delivers fast, secure, tracked, photo-confirmed, delivery.

Indicative fees may vary based on distance, size & quantity, courier availability, service level


Do your customers want same-day delivery?

Fast deliveries make your customers happy

Happy customers make your business grow

Get delivery & courier services with Vellity

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Do you have anything to send or collect?

Send almost anything pint-sized to oversized

Trusted and insured courier services

Secure, real-time mapping, tracking, and chat

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Delivery Partners

Do you want to boost your monthly earnings?

Secure jobs when you want

Earn when other apps are slow

Jobs across London & the greater M25 zone

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Vellity for Businesses

For retail, restaurant, grocery, office, B2B, stock transfer and more.

Vellity’s delivery & courier services accelerate your business so you can reach more customers, increase customer loyalty, and boost repeat purchases anywhere within London’s M25 zone.

Industry-leading tech, live-map-tracking, chat, and image-based security to deliver almost anything- the right way, the same day.

Create your secure business account, add delivery details, and get things moving in minutes.

Talk to us about API and e-commerce integrations, high-volumes, and regular deliveries

With same-day speed at 2nd day prices, Vellity might surprise you.

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Vellity for Personal Use

Vellity’s delivery & courier services get things moving in minutes.

Secure tracking, live mapping, direct chatting so it gets there securely and quickly.

Send almost anything: from quiche to keys, plates to plants, catering to dry-cleaning, furniture to flowers, figs to fine-art.

From here to there, anywhere within the London’s M25 zone.

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Vellity for Delivery Partners

Join the fastest growing delivery network. Earn faster so you can spend more time living life.

You can use (almost) any form of transportation, enjoy easy automatic job matching, pick the jobs you like, and work when you want.

Already driving for taxi apps or delivery couriers? Great! We have accelerated onboarding just for you! Earn with Vellity when other apps are slow.

Feel good knowing that you deliver smiles to people every day.

Many businesses can benefit from better shipping & delivery. Invite them and join our referral program where we share profits with you. (just chat with us in the app & we make it happen)

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